Seaborough appoints Martijn Dekker as its new CEO


On 1 July 2017, Martijn Dekker (51) took over as the new CEO of Seaborough, an Amsterdam-based R&D company that is part of Momentum Capital. Dekker succeeds Fred van Ommen, who will remain associated with Seaborough as Senior Advisor Life Science. Dekker was involved in negotiating the recent licence agreement with Chinese lighting manufacturer Sengled, which will use Seaborough’s oneTLed technology to produce LED fluorescent tubes that are compatible with all magnetic and electronic ballasts. OneTLed technology will be incorporated in Sengled products and products it produces for leading lighting brands as an original design manufacturer. This will soon mean that traditional fluorescent tubes can be replaced with energy-efficient LED tubes in existing luminaries without changing anything else.

Dekker has extensive experience in research and development of LED products, having worked for various divisions of Philips and companies such as Lemnis Lighting and Carus, one of IKEA's major suppliers, where he was responsible for the introduction of new LED lighting products. Dekker: “I am delighted to be joining a leading player in the LED R&D market. Our pioneering technology will make a real difference. With an estimated 12 billion fluorescent light sockets worldwide, cleaner and more energy-efficient LED replacements could reduce power consumption by 50%.”

Martijn van Rheenen, CEO of Momentum Capital: “I am confident that, with his stability and experience, Martijn is the right person to guide Seaborough’s international growth.”


About Seaborough

Seaborough is an R&D company with a strong in-house IP department and a business unit that markets LED solutions. Seaborough invents, develops and commercializes ground-breaking innovations for the lighting industry. The company has a deep understanding of the current industry environment and possesses the drive, skills and expertise to address these challenges. Seaborough aims to invent, develop and market proprietary lighting technologies through patenting and licensing. It is committed to achieve a real and sustainable positive impact on the broader community by ensuring that its products help to reduce the impact on the environment. Seaborough employs leading LED experts and researchers. It has its own research facilities and develops solutions in its own laboratory. The company is backed by investors who share its vision and goals and who are committed for the long-term. Seaborough is a 100% participation of Momentum Capital.